Dysinger Difference

What Differentiates Dysinger Incorporated?

Dysinger Incorporated stands out from all other companies in many ways, including:

  • Dependability that is recognized consistently by our customers
  • Willingness to tackle difficult projects that entail tighter tolerances
  • The ability to provide complex process engineering solutions
  • Proven performance as an effective engineering, machining and sub-assembly resource for companies seeking outsourcing support

Dysinger Incorporated dedicates its entire operation to ensuring effective communication and the attentive servicing of our customers. Global Shop ERP software is a totally integrated ERP software system that effectively gages and quantifies capacities while scheduling work throughout the entire shop. We can provide our customers with realistic and reliable delivery commitments. Further, the system allows us to communicate job progress with precise, real-time accuracy at any given moment.

Dysinger Difference

Our Facility

Dysinger Incorporated has 30,000 square feet of manufacturing space located in Dayton, Ohio.

Markets Served

We serve a variety of markets in industries that demand high quality and precision.

Dysinger brings added value to customers by addressing specific problems as well as the critical aspects of customers’ more difficult part production needs. Accordingly, customers with a high quality orientation have selected Dysinger Incorporated for the value we provide.