Flexible Manufacturing System

Our flexible manufacturing system combines the ability for automation with the capacity for control into one system. The system is computer numerically controlled (CNC) and the materials are automatically loaded and handled. The system is typically used in mid-volume mid-variety production. The advantages of a flexible manufacturing system include:

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  • The reduction of direct labor cost
  • The minimization of scrap, re-work and material wastage
  • The reduction of work in process inventory by the elimination of batch processing
  • The reduction of lead time
  • Better process control
  • Consistent quality


Vertical CNC Milling Centers Travel
1-Okuma 60-VAE X-59” Y-24” Z-24”
1-Okuma MC-4VAE X-30” Y-16” Z-18”
1-Okuma MC-4VA X-25” Y-16” Z-18”
3-Okuma MC-3VA X-20” Y-24” Z-16”
3-Okuma M560-V with KOMA 4th axis rotary and probing X-41” Y-22” Z-18”
1-Hurco VM1 X-30” Y-14” Z-20”
1-Hurco VM2 X-40” Y-20” Z-20”
Horizontal CNC Milling Centers  
1 H-400 Mazak ” Y-20” Z-20”
2-Cincinnati Milacron Magnum 800 X-51” Y-44” Z-44”
Boring Mills  
1-Devlieg 54K-96 CNC X-96” Y-60” Z-24”
3-Devlieg 4H-60 CNC X-60” Y-60” Z-20”
Vertical CNC Mills  
1-Prototrak Bed Mill 3-axis X-30” Y-17” Z-23 ½”
2-Prototrak (K2) X-32” Y-14” Z-20”

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Devlieg Jig Mill


CNC Turning Centers Travel
1-Okuma 60-VAE 12" swing x 40" length
5-Okuma LB15 10" swing x 18" length
1-Okuma LC 40 CNC 23" swing x 38" length
1-Okuma GENOS L300-MYW with OSP-P300L with
   Twin Spindle, Bar Feeder, & Live Tooling
   Milling travel Z-18" W-20" Y-4"
20" swing x 20" length
1-Okuma GENOS L250E-e 17.7" Swing x 18.5
Engine Lathes  
1-Colchester 13" swing x 48" length
1-Hardinge HLV-H EM 11" swing x 18" length

Okuma LC40 Turning Center


Jig Grinder Travel
3-Moore G-18 X-18” Y-10 ½” Z-13”
1-Kellenberger Kel-Varia UR CNC Diameter 14” x 40” Length
1-Kellenberger Diameter 14” x 38” Length
1-Okuma GP24-N CNC OD/ID Diameter 9” x 14” Length
Dry Surface  
3-Parker Majestic X-19” Y-16” Z-14 ½”
Wet Surface  
1-Okamoto X-25” Y-13” Z-10”
2-Acer X-20” Y-13” Z-18”
1-Okamoto CNC X-60” Y-24” Z-24”

Kellenberger Kel-Varia UR CNC OD/ID

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Wire Cut Travel
1-Sodick AQ537L Submersible X-23" Y-15" Z-14"
2-Sodick A32OD Submersible X-12 ¾" Y-8" Z-6"

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X-16” Y-13” Z-12”