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Our commitment to quality begins with our employees. We have a team of highly skilled machinists and toolmakers who are committed to maintaining an extraordinary level of quality. We understand that quality has become the standard in our industry.

Multiple metrology verification is a key factor for our team. While we embrace furthering advancements in technology; We do not forget traditional techniques. 

In 2008, Dysinger became ISO:9001:2000 certified with no major or minor findings.

In July 2009, Dysinger added the aerospace manufacturing designation of ISO9001:2008 with AS9100:2004 Rev B. Our audit score was a perfect 880/880.

In June 2012, Dysinger, Incorporated upgraded to ISO9001:2008 with AS9100:2009 Rev C.

In February 2018, Dysinger, Incorporated upgraded to ISO9001:2015 with AS9100:2016 Rev D

Our lab is temperature controlled and brightly lit with a CRI score of 80+. Our CMM inspection team is Hexagon certified in 101,201-202,303 level training.


Dysinger's metrology equipment is modern, utilizing features such as probe scanning capability. We have Hexagon My Care Program registered equipment giving us access to the latest software, patches, maintenance. This ensures that we maintain high quality standards for every part we machine for our customers.

2 Hexagon Metrology Global S Green CMMs:
- (2022) Size: 121510 (X:47in, Y:59in, Z:39in)
   Repeatability: X=0.61µm (.00002") | Y=.66µm (.00002") | Z=.92µm (.00003")

- (2019) Size: 7107 (x:27.5 in, Y:39.3in, Z:25.9in)
   Repeatability: x=0.22µm (.000008") | Y=0.33µm (.000013" | z=0.19µm (.000007")

(2018) 1 Vertex 251HC Micro-VU VMM (Zize: X=10.25in, Y=7in, Z=9in)
Repeatability: X=.40µm (.000015") | Y=.20µm (.000007") | Z=.20µm (.000007")

The current registration of AS9100D adheres to all quality standards accepted and required by the aerospace industry for manufacturing.

Dysinger is a registered ITAR supplier.
  • “Outstanding staff and excellent quality is what I’ve experienced with every order. And even beyond the product, it’s personal. Bud remembered that I was a veteran and sent me a message right before Memorial Day thanking me for my service. It left me speechless and shows that he cares about his customers as people – not just another sale”

    Trevor Roddy

    Sealed Air

  • “Dysinger’s quality of product, workmanship and their continual improvement of manufacturing processes is unmatched in the industry. The capital expenditure that is continually being invested demonstrates their level of commitment to the industry and definitely separates them from the competition”

    Jim Ray, Sr.

    Kobelco Stewart Bolling, Inc.

  • “First class, clear, concise communication is the first thing that comes to mind when describing the staff. From responsiveness to quote requests and status updates to non-conformance issues, every employee demonstrates individualized care and concern for your particular situation or circumstance”

    Jim Ray, Sr.

    Kobelco Stewart Bolling, Inc.