Some of the most highly-trained and talented in the industry call Dysinger home. All are professionally trained and certified and have a passion for what they do. Training never ends for us. Because we believe the basis for our success comes from constant learning – whether it be on a new product, a new customer, a new process or a refresher on the things we’ve done for years. And learning doesn’t stop at our door. Many of our employees seek additional training or classes off-site – whether to learn something new or gain another certification. Our people are customer-focused and quality-driven. They understand the critical nature of what they do and the emphasis we put on accuracy and quality. To them, it’s personal.

There are many parts that we produce that we can proudly claim have never had a single deviation or quality issue of any kind, nor have we ever missed a promised delivery. This isn’t luck or even all due to the expertise of our employees. It’s largely due to the stringent processes we put our parts through – both on the frontend with project management & engineering and the backend with quality control.
  • Dependability that is recognized consistently by our customers
  • Willingness to tackle difficult projects that entail tighter tolerances
  • The ability to provide complex process engineering solutions
  • Proven performance as an effective engineering, machining & sub-assembly resource for companies seeking outsourcing support

Dysinger Incorporated has 30,000 square feet of manufacturing space located in Dayton, Ohio.


We serve a variety of markets in industries that demand high quality and precision. Dysinger brings added value to customers by addressing specific problems as well as the critical aspects of customers’ more difficult part production needs. Accordingly, customers with high quality demands select Dysinger Incorporated for the value provided.


Our engineering and project management capabilities allow us to make guarantees to you on the frontend that your order will be right – all the time and on time.

Not only do our engineers work to ensure that every job has all the necessary information in order to execute the job to perfection, oftentimes they look at how your particular part can be improved. Manufacturability changes can often facilitate more efficient, higher quality parts, ultimately increasing safety and overall part performance. And if you’re a new customer with no original drawings or patterns? We do that too. Reverse engineering is one of our specialties. When our engineers take that on, it’s not just about replicating your part – it’s about making it better.

Producing complex parts, to tight tolerances in a variety of materials – one at a time – takes diligent project management. Progress tracking is one of our most important frontend factors. This allows us to track and control a part’s progress which enables us to quickly identify any potential delay and mitigate those issues. Our project managers also understand any potential risks that could crop up and have a plan to handle them. Overall, these are the people committed to keeping your order on track – just the way you want it.

We understand the only way to make you a Dysinger customer for life is ultimately one thing – quality. That’s why we have an entire portion of our building dedicated to quality control – staffed full-time by experts who understand the critical importance of getting it right every time. Experts who aren’t afraid to send something back to the floor that isn’t exactly right. Experts who know that ultimately, they’re impacting someone’s safety, someone’s productivity and someone’s well-being.

The Dysinger Difference? We do it right. On-time. Every time.

The current registration of AS9100D adheres to all quality standards accepted and required by the aerospace industry for manufacturing.

Dysinger is a registered ITAR supplier.
  • “Outstanding staff and excellent quality is what I’ve experienced with every order. And even beyond the product, it’s personal. Bud remembered that I was a veteran and sent me a message right before Memorial Day thanking me for my service. It left me speechless and shows that he cares about his customers as people – not just another sale”

    Trevor Roddy

    Sealed Air

  • “Dysinger’s quality of product, workmanship and their continual improvement of manufacturing processes is unmatched in the industry. The capital expenditure that is continually being invested demonstrates their level of commitment to the industry and definitely separates them from the competition”

    Jim Ray, Sr.

    Kobelco Stewart Bolling, Inc.

  • “First class, clear, concise communication is the first thing that comes to mind when describing the staff. From responsiveness to quote requests and status updates to non-conformance issues, every employee demonstrates individualized care and concern for your particular situation or circumstance”

    Jim Ray, Sr.

    Kobelco Stewart Bolling, Inc.