Quality and reliability are essence of the aerospace industry. Given the fact that the aerospace industry moves more than 2.5 million passengers across more than 29 million square miles of airspace each day – it’s no wonder that the quality standards for this industry is like no other.

As a precision machining manufacturer of flight-critical parts, we understand not only quality but also repetition. We understand the critical tolerances that this industry demands, ensuring the highest performance. We also understand that the slightest variation can lead to failure – which is not an option.

The foundation of quality in aerospace is a culmination of several different things. It’s the management of documentation and conducting audits. It’s mitigating non-conformance and taking corrective actions. But above and beyond all of that, it’s the adherence to the stringent standards that are absolutely critical in order to maintain our AS9100D certification. Dysinger’s Quality Management System helps to ensure a part’s quality, conformity, safety, airworthiness and reliability. This certification truly sets this industry apart from all others. In addition to this certification, we also are ITAR registered.


How do we guarantee flawless results to an industry with such rigorous quality standards? It all begins with a plan.

This plan follows your part through all processes – from the estimation stage to final inspection. With us, you can count on 2 things – comprehensive and thorough. In the estimation stage, we look at the basic manufacturing plan and select the best processes and machinery that will meet the drawing requirements. We look at things critical to this specific industry such as material specifications, heat treat, and plating. Having this kind of comprehensive knowledge helps to eliminate processing and dimensional errors as we take your part through the process.

Once you place your order, we review these plans and we develop a detailed manufacturing plan. Our engineers will designate the materials, processes, work centers and services that will ensure ultimate success.

Aerospace demands the use of the highest performing alloys, the most flawless manufacturing and the most rigorous testing. What does that mean for us? It means we’re in a cycle of continuous improvement – from our education to our equipment. Constant equipment upgrades and calibration guarantees that machine inconsistencies are avoided. Work centers are manned to assist in meeting customer deadlines, perform frequent in-process checks with documentation and deliver a product that safe, on time and second to none.

The Dysinger Difference? We do it right. On-time. Every time.

The current registration of AS9100D adheres to all quality standards accepted and required by the aerospace industry for manufacturing.

Dysinger is a registered ITAR supplier.
  • “Outstanding staff and excellent quality is what I’ve experienced with every order. And even beyond the product, it’s personal. Bud remembered that I was a veteran and sent me a message right before Memorial Day thanking me for my service. It left me speechless and shows that he cares about his customers as people – not just another sale”

    Trevor Roddy

    Sealed Air

  • “Dysinger’s quality of product, workmanship and their continual improvement of manufacturing processes is unmatched in the industry. The capital expenditure that is continually being invested demonstrates their level of commitment to the industry and definitely separates them from the competition”

    Jim Ray, Sr.

    Kobelco Stewart Bolling, Inc.

  • “First class, clear, concise communication is the first thing that comes to mind when describing the staff. From responsiveness to quote requests and status updates to non-conformance issues, every employee demonstrates individualized care and concern for your particular situation or circumstance”

    Jim Ray, Sr.

    Kobelco Stewart Bolling, Inc.